4x4 ATV Adventure Tour through the Tian Shan mountains 4x4 ATV / UTV (Side by Side) expedition to Mount Elbrus West Summit 5.642 meters ATV / Jeep Adventure Tour from Kyrgyzstan in the Taklamakan desert (China) ATV Adventure trip to Kegety Pass and into the Canyon Konortchok 4x4 ATV tour in the Chong Kemin National Park and in the Canyon Konortchok

4x4 off road adventure travel
through the Tian Shan mountains

4x4 off road adventure travel through the Tian Shan mountains

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Hochgebirge Tian-Shan
Hochplateau Kekemeren-Tal – Suusamyr
Chong Ashu Pass 3.830m

Hardly any other mountain range has so many different faces as the Tian Shan: dry, desert-like mountains, densely wooded, switching from mountain streams flowing through valleys and alpine, glaciated regions in a confined space. Of erosion - wind, sun and water - shaped rock formations appear as mystical red sandstone fortresses, castles and palaces.

An impressive and original high mountains of great fascination and attraction! The length of the expedition is about 2000-2200 km, altitude about 15,000m and one of the most breathtaking landscapes the you certainly will not forget.

Highlights of the 4x4 off road
ATV / UTV Tour

  • Kyrgyzstan - a little-known trekking paradise
  • Konortchok Canyons
  • Kegety pass with 3.805m
  • Chong Kemin National Park
  • Tien Shan Mountains of Heaven
  • Merzbacher lake, Inyltschek glacier
  • Glaciers of the Khan Tengri base camp
  • Issyk Kul - the pearl of the Tien Shan

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