4x4 ATV Adventure Tour through the Tian Shan mountains 4x4 ATV / UTV (Side by Side) expedition to Mount Elbrus West Summit 5.642 meters ATV / Jeep Adventure Tour from Kyrgyzstan in the Taklamakan desert (China) ATV Adventure trip to Kegety Pass and into the Canyon Konortchok 4x4 ATV tour in the Chong Kemin National Park and in the Canyon Konortchok

UTV, Jeep, ATV 4x4 off road adventure tour from
Kyrgyzstan in the Taklamakan desert (China)

Jeep, ATV 4x4 offroad adventure tour from Kyrgyzstan in the Taklamakan desert (China)

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Der Parmir Highway in Tadschikistan und Kirgistan
On the way to the Kyzyl-Art pass 4.290m between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan
ATV 4x4 off road on the silk road
The Pamir Highway in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan

The Taklamakan desert fills about two-thirds of the province of Xinjiang. Its area of 300,000 sq km is mostly covered with about 100m high dunes, some details even amount to 300m. The strong winds make these dunes move very quickly, they also lead to the formation of Yardang (hill carved). The dunes formed by dust and sand deposits of the last ice age, in the Taklamakan was almost entirely of a lake of glacial meltwater (glacial lakes) of the surrounding mountains covered. Studies of heavy metal spectra, depending on the catchment area of the rivers were able to show that the sands a fluvial origin (from the former river courses) have.

Highlights of the ATV 4x4 off road jeep tour

  • Taklamakan desert distance about 350km
  • Pamir Highway distance about 450km
  • Karakorum Highway distance about 300km
  • Silk Road distance about 650km
  • Meteor crater on 3.800m

ATTENTION! on this tour is a registration deadline, registration may not be later than 11. April 2016 be made. (Tajik, Kyrgyz and Chinese special permits, etc.)

Important Note!

Please allow 2 to 3 days necessarily more for this tour! From our experience, there are always unforeseen situations such as road closures due to rock fall or customs problems, etc. That is why we recommend additional days with schedule. Unless serious costs are incurred by these days and not be charged. Thank you for your understanding.

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